P+DC [Common]Place Series

Beyond Ruralism

A new cultural nexus of commoning for the rural

Course Lessons

The public does not expect to find high-quality design in the rural environment. During this conversation, participants will look at specific communities, the people within them, and the unique opportunities for forward-looking design in places often defined as cultural margins. This presentation will challenge the widely accepted urban-rural binary that takes the urban as the center of global culture and the rural as a resource for extraction to propose an “agricultural urbanism” of the every day and a new cultural nexus of commoning for the rural. The place of the rural is not the sum of a set of inward-looking vernacular tropes or nostalgic forms.
  • Participants will explore the diverse needs, values, behavioral norms, and social and spatial patterns that characterize rural communities and discuss the architect's responsibility to ensure equity of access to sites, buildings, and structures.
  • Participants will evaluate the resiliency of solutions through case studies.
  • Participants will explore the value of design economically and socially in rural towns.
  • Participants will evaluate case studies pertaining to main street revitalization programs and community impact.
  • 1.0 AIACES HSW Learning Unit Hour

     Meet the Presenter

Jeffrey Day, FAIA

Founding Principal, Actual Architecture Company

Jeffrey Day, FAIA, is Killinger Professor of Architecture & Landscape Architecture and former Director of the Architecture Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. At UNL Jeff runs FACT, an award-winning, academic/professional collaborative design lab and frequent partner of Actual Architecture.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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