Virtual Connect Series

Building and Running a Successful Hybrid Practice

Implementing more flexible workplace policies
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Course Lessons

In the blink of an eye, the way firms worked changed overnight. Now there’s no snapping back, and expectations around how and where they work have changed. Many firms are just beginning to navigate and understand what they need to create a successful practice that allows their employees the flexibility they desire while remaining productive and profitable. This course highlights operations, processes, policies, and tools to help individuals become better advocates for a more flexible workplace and help firm leaders understand the areas in their businesses that they need to adapt to build and run a successful hybrid practice.
  • Understand the importance of creating a values-based culture that fosters engagement and productivity, even when people are not in the office
  • Create operations and structures that allow individuals to get work done no matter where they are, hold meaningful meetings, and enable self-management
  • Explore new ways of working, team building, and innovating with a distributed workforce to make a hybrid practice work; and
  • Recognize the common problems and stumbling blocks of hybrid practice and how to anticipate and avoid potential difficulties.

1.0 AIACES Learning Unit

Meet the instructor

Evelyn Lee, FAIA

Evelyn Lee, FAIA, is the first Senior Experience Designer at Slack Technologies, Founder of the Practice of Architecture, and Co-Host on the Podcast, Practice Disrupted. Lee seamlessly integrates her business and architecture background with a qualitative and quantitative focus to build a better experiences for organization’s employees, clients, and guests. She currently serves as the first female Treasurer to the AIA National Board in 2020-2021.
She has nearly 20 years working with individuals, organizations, and companies who are interested in applying design thinking to their decision-making processes.
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