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Innovative thinking to create new solutions 

Course Lessons

In this Practice and Design Session, Skylar Tibbits will present the innovative research from MIT. Initially, the work was a platform for experimental computation and design. It has grown into a multidisciplinary research-based mission that crosses disciplines from design, fabrication, computer science to robotics. Through case studies, participants will be exposed to innovative thinking to create new solutions to address climate change and how the built environment can respond to changes.
  • Participants will explore material systems that transform themselves, assemble themselves, and adapt to their environments.
  • Participants will explore how we can build smart things without complex electromechanical devices.
  • Participants will examine a case study that applies research and ways of thinking to some of the climate change challenges, discuss the short-term and long-term effects of intervention and how to build smarter things with less, and will be encouraged to identify things that are simple to support adaptation and resilience. Through case studies, participants will understand natural construction that works with the forces of nature to build rather than destroy
  • Participants will explore a paradigm shift when discussing the future and the opportunities to adapt and be resilient rather than be confined by fixed, manufactured infrastructure. It is imperative to solve climate change problems, including sea-level change and worsening storms. Participants will explore current actions, including do nothing, building barriers (a static solution fighting against a super-dynamic, high-energy problem), and constant reactive maintenance.

  • 1.0 AIACES HSW Learning Unit

     Meet the Presenter

Skylar Tibbits

co-director and founder, Associate Professor, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT

Skylar Tibbits is a designer and computer scientist whose research focuses on developing self-assembly and programmable materials within the built environment. Tibbits is the founder and co-director of the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, and Associate Professor of Design Research in the Department of Architecture.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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